• We’re very happy with our pTrumpet. My daughter would never have been able to start trumpet without it. She is simply too small to bear the weight of a brass trumpet.

    Autumn D.

  • Congratulations on this great product!

    I am playing the trumpet for 25 years and just out of curiosity bought a pTrumpet 2 1/2 years ago. Other than the regular Trumpet, the pTrumpet is always around. On the couch, the kitchen table or the floor and I do not have to care about dents or scratches. To have the trumpet everywhere around and not stored in a protective case is a great plus.

    Bruno S.

  • It’s amazing the pTrumpet, I found it in an instruments store in Mexico City! I’m thinking to buy de pBone!!

    Gerardo B.

  • “pBones and pTrumpets are a perfect choice for our project work. They are light which greatly assists with posture as well as being simple to use and robust. pBones and pTrumpets were integral in giving the children in this project such an excellent start in their musical journey”

    Ian Rowe, Principal - Bromley Youth Music Trust


  • As a community-level, gigging trumpet player (R&B, pop, blues, rock), I’ve come to love the pTrumpet. For some blending tunes, I actually prefer it and fellow band members appreciate that it is a bit “quieter” and mutes well. Adds variety and fun, gets noticed as part of the wardrobe so to speak.

    Gary M

  • Excellent product to get students excited in playing brass. Everybody loves them!

    Elena C.

  • I think the pInstruments are very useful learning tools for schools and every brass player should own at least one. I have a pTrumpet and my brother has a pBone. I’m looking forward to getting my hands on a pBuzz as well!

    Daniel C.

  • Just wanted to say how much I like the pTrumpet. Myself and our trombone player were given a pTrumpet and pBone as a present a couple of weeks ago and I have been using it for our gigs and it has been great!

    Ian C.

  • I just walked into Hugo Helmer Music in Burlington, Washington and to my amazement, witnessed a plastic trumpet being sold in their store.  I couldn’t believe what I saw.  They encouraged me to play it and was stunned by the tone and sound that I got out of it.  These are so awesome and sooooo affordable.

    Rob S.

  • As a professional musician, I have played lots of brass horns but as I got older (85) my Besson was just too heavy for me. I basically retired from playing. When I picked up the pTrumpet I was reborn. It’s so light I’m in the process of getting my chops up!!!!

    Bill T.