What is pTrumpet?

pTrumpet is the world’s first-all plastic trumpet. We have used innovative design and manufacturing to create a trumpet made only from plastic. As a result pTrumpet has remarkable sound quality, terrific playability and looks really cool and funky.

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  • “Great trumpet – much much better than I expected for the price, and the weight. And such a nice company to deal with!”

    Jeremy Green

  • “I love my pTrumpet! Perfect for teaching my young boys and also for on-the-go gigs and special occasions!”

    Russ Hutto

  • “Nice job with the pTrumpet! I love mine and find it to be a great instrument to loan out to students. You guys are the best! Keep nailing it!”

    Chris Chasse

  • “Great product.  I purchased 10 for our school to use in our junior band (12 year old girls ) and they have been a big hit. intrinsic value with colours and light enough so the students can hold them up. Already a winner. If they can hold them and they like the look of them they are more likely to play them.”

    James Moore

  • “I love the pTrumpet and consider it a bit of an engineering coup. Does some things that a traditional instrument cannot, and for the price??? I may record with it if I need a softer less brassy sound.”

    Dave Painchaud

  • “I’ve been playing the trumpet for over 40 years now. I have a number of top professional level trumpets but must say I’m having a lot of fun with this pTrumpet . The sound production is very good and the valves extremely fast. It is a superb trumpet for a young student or anyone wanting a good sounding extra trumpet . It can be  easily taken anywhere and  will stand up to the elements quite well. I will be purchasing another one for my young nephew who is quite excited about  it and will be thrilled to have one as his first starter trumpet. So well done to the designers of the pTrumpet.”

    Dale Best

  • “pBones and pTrumpets are a perfect choice for our project work. They are light which greatly assists with posture as well as being simple to use and robust. pBones and pTrumpets were integral in giving the children in this project such an excellent start in their musical journey”

    Ian Rowe, Principal - Bromley Youth Music Trust


  • “We are so happy with our pTrumpet! It is light enough for our 9 year old to toot all day long and it sounds great (better every day he practices!) Love the funky color choices too, which cater brilliantly for expressing individuality. The customer service is amazing – when our first pTrumpet was damaged in a car accident, which was non-reparable, they replaced it for us for free!”

    Django Shaw

  • “Excellent customer service, efficient, professional & friendly. Top class!!!”

    Gemma Proudfoot

  • Very good service. Beyond my expectation! Great!

    Richard Prins

  • “It allows my 3 year to hold a horn while daddy plays. It also allows me to teach young students to play having an intrument on hand strapped to my back. Lastly its great for just playing around, even when I’m waiting for my computer to load.”

    Alain Bourgeois